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Ben Sun · 02-09-2009 · Category: Guides


You know there are times when reviewing hardware or game software where you take a moment reflect with wonder how computer gaming has evolved through the years. I remember the first computer game I played a little game called Master of Orion on a 286-12 with 1MB of RAM. Another milestone game that I remember well is Quake, especially GLQuake played on the Voodoo graphics card from 3DFX. Games that redefine what a player sees or experiences, games that challenge the conventional wisdom of the current top of the line game in the genre.

Today marks the launch of a new game that also redefines gaming as we know it. Mirror's Edge has just been released from Electronic Arts and DICE, the makers of the Battlefield series of games. Mirror's Edge is a first person action adventure with a twist. The game is one of the first AAA titles to support NVIDIA's PhysX technology. Game physics have mostly been limited by the lack of hardware to support it. Games like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter support hardware based PhysX, however, use it sparingly. Games like Half Life 2 use physics in certain places in the game. The release of Mirror's Edge is the first AAA title to use PhysX effects throughout the game.


  1. Introduction
  2. Mirror's Edge Story
  3. Mirror's Edge Game play and Controls
  4. Mirror's Edge Graphics and Sound
  5. Mirror's Edge PhysX Effects
  6. Mirror's Edge System Requirements
  7. Conclusion