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Well, I hope this article helps out some of the people who have been having trouble getting the latest release from Bapco SYSmark 2007 Preview to install and run correctly. It was very frustrating for us trying unsuccessfully over and over again with no positive results to report so we are fairly ecstatic about finally getting back on track.

We give special thanks to Nathan from Bapco and JJ from Intel who helped us figure out these issues and move past them. We have just started to do testing with the patch and will update this article with new information as we discover it. Following the steps outlined in this article you should not encounter any resistance with Bapco's SYSmark 2007, and if you do email us and let us continue learning together.

Doc out

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  1. Introduction
  2. Setup Windows XP
  3. Setup Windows Vista
  4. Conclusion

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