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Doc Overclock · 09-27-2007 · Category: Guides

Setup Windows Vista

Ah yes, Windows Vista, the dirge inferno program of many users and test junkies from around the globe. Well this is where we ran into the most frustration with installation due to repeated Harness and other errors. Windows Vista is new to just about everyone still and the learning process continue daily even for us, so its no surprise to run into unknown problems.

Vista is a lot pickier when it comes to installation and running of SYSmark 2007 and requires a bit of small adjustments to allow it to fully install without error. The first thing to kae sure of is that you are logged onto the system as the admin; this is the default state of the OS unless you add another user account so this should be easy. Then disable all screen savers, automatic updates and power off functions in the control panel.

After that you must go into the user account option in the control panel and disable the UAC (User Account Control) that allows SYSmark to basically take over system control enabling the test to be installed and then ran in its full course. You must also like in XP disconnect from the internet to avoid the system from looking for updates or just checking the LAN connection, which also causes instability and crashing in SYSmark 2007 Preview. If you follow these simple guidelines you will have no problems with Bapco's latest installation of SYSmark. We were able to install the updates after installation without error, and the new patch should eliminate any other run time errors after the updates are installed.


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