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Setup Windows XP

Windows XP installation is very easy to install and run if you follow a few simple guidelines and does not need much modification to do so.

Windows XP only has problems being installed if you do a complete update from Microsoft and this is due to updates in their media player and audio codec. The Windows update creates errors in the installation of the Sony media player and does not allow for a full installation of the program. This is turn causes system crashes if you try and run the program after that error message.

To get SYSmark installed and running only install the system OS with no login required and then the system drivers only before installation of the Bapco test suite. You also must disconnect from the internet as well to avoid the system checking for updates and interrupting the test. The auto-update features in Windows caused errors both in installation and running of the test.

Once Sysmark 2007 is installed disable all screen savers, auto update and power saving features in XP as well, as this can shut down the test environment. Using this method we were able to get the test running on all our systems. If you do want to install the updates you can after you finish installation of SYSmark. In our tests we discovered that the updates could be installed, just not previous to the Bapco installation. I would also install the patch after updates if you have any issues at this point as it is supposed to repair any weird problems that may just pop up.


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