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About a month ago we released an article about the inability of SYSmark 2007 preview to install or work in our lab tests, and we received a lot of feedback and response from that article from many different sources. So much coverage finally caught the attention of Bapco and the consortium, and their response was quick to help us discover the reasons we were having so much difficulty getting the program to install and complete a run.

Intel, being one of the key players in the consortium then contacted us about sending down one of their engineers to see what they could do to help the cause and get us up and going with 2007. Since we cannot do any name dropping even though I really wish we could, we will just say that Intel sent down JJ one of their software engineers on the Bapco project, and he was a fine lad indeed. We did do a lot of discovery in the days that he was here on both ends, and in the end we did find out why we were having so much trouble with the installation and running of 2007 preview.

Many of the issues we encountered were due to the automatic Windows update, which consequently installs additional drivers or updates that conflict with the 2007 framework. After many different approaches to installing the OS and the Bapco 2007 software package we were able to narrow down the problems and find a working solution to both the installation and run time errors we were encountering. JJ our Intel guru man at hand took many notes that helped in getting the latest patch in agreement by the Bapco consortium so it could be publicly released. We thank both Intel and Bapco for their support and even though things started off on rough ground, we both benefited from the experience in the end game. Here in this article are a few easy steps to insure you getting up and going with SYSmark 2007 Preview, and without the leaning curve. :)


  1. Introduction
  2. Setup Windows XP
  3. Setup Windows Vista
  4. Conclusion

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