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Charting voltage output results for all five load tests

Below are five different graphs representative of five different power supplies subjected to five different load tests: 0A, 5A, 7A, 9A and 11A.

Each graph shows each power supply and the voltage readings at each point: The main PCB, the modular connector, the peripheral connector and the load. Because the power supplies with the fixed cables do not have a modular interface to take a voltage measurement from, the number for the "modular connector" field is the same as the number for the "at PCB" field.

We start with the 0A load results:

And now the 5A load:

Next, the 7A load:

The 9A load:

And finally, the 11A load:

I admit that the problem with these charts is that they may be hard to read because the starting voltages of each power supply during each load test is completely different than the next. So what I've done for this next page is put the starting value of all of the power supplies test results at "0". This way, you can see the drop in voltage of each power supply in direct relation to another, modular or non-modular.....


  1. Introduction
  2. Testing Methodology / Testing Corsair HX620W
  3. Testing Corsair HX620W (continued)
  4. Testing Corsair HX620W (results)
  5. Testing Ultra X2 550W
  6. Testing Antec NeoHE 430W
  7. Testing Fortron Source FSP600-80GLC
  8. Testing Silverstone ST65ZF
  9. Charting voltage output results for all five load tests
  10. Side by side comparison charts of voltage output
  11. Conclusion

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