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Jon Gerow · 08-10-2006 · Category: Guides

Testing Fortron Source FSP600-80GLC

Here we have the first of the two "fixed cable" power supplies we're going to test: A Fortron Source FSP600-80GLC. Because there's no modular interface, the only variables of resistance are going to be the length and gage of the wire, the connector at the load and the load itself. But as we've seen with the three modular power supplies we've already tested, the cable itself plays a pretty large part in the delta between the power supply's PCB and the load.

Where's the 0A load results? Well, for some odd reason, the 12V rail that powered the PCI-e connector had a lower voltage than once it had a load on it, so Excel didn't bother charting it.

The FSP showed less drop in voltage than the modulars when measurements were taken between the main PCB and the load, but it was actually only .01V off from the Ultra X2 550W power supply.

Let's take a look at one more power supply. Another one with fixed cables.....


  1. Introduction
  2. Testing Methodology / Testing Corsair HX620W
  3. Testing Corsair HX620W (continued)
  4. Testing Corsair HX620W (results)
  5. Testing Ultra X2 550W
  6. Testing Antec NeoHE 430W
  7. Testing Fortron Source FSP600-80GLC
  8. Testing Silverstone ST65ZF
  9. Charting voltage output results for all five load tests
  10. Side by side comparison charts of voltage output
  11. Conclusion

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