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Jon Gerow · 08-10-2006 · Category: Guides

Testing Ultra X2 550W

Now it's time to put the Ultra X2 550W on the load tester. All of the settings are the same. Why not remove the modular PCB from the housing like I did with the Corsair? Because it's about 4" wide and hot glued into place. That's why! Fortunately, it's easy for me to access the PCI-e connector from the back.

Here are the results...

Compared to the Corsair, the Ultra started at a lower voltage (12.26V vs. 12.30V) and dropped more at the PSU (0.29V vs. .02V) but had less loss due to the modular connectors (.01V vs. .03) and less loss through the cable (.10V vs. .13V.)


Now let's see how one more modular power supply does. The Antec NeoHE 430W...


  1. Introduction
  2. Testing Methodology / Testing Corsair HX620W
  3. Testing Corsair HX620W (continued)
  4. Testing Corsair HX620W (results)
  5. Testing Ultra X2 550W
  6. Testing Antec NeoHE 430W
  7. Testing Fortron Source FSP600-80GLC
  8. Testing Silverstone ST65ZF
  9. Charting voltage output results for all five load tests
  10. Side by side comparison charts of voltage output
  11. Conclusion

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