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Jon Gerow · 08-10-2006 · Category: Guides

Testing Methodology / Testing Corsair HX620W

Above is a Corsair HX620W with the modular interface removed and sitting outside of the power supply housing. I did this so I could have easy access to the connectors and solder points with my DMM.

Below you can see the DMM probes shoved into the PCI-e connector. The power supply is idle now, so we're seeing 12.30V.


  1. Introduction
  2. Testing Methodology / Testing Corsair HX620W
  3. Testing Corsair HX620W (continued)
  4. Testing Corsair HX620W (results)
  5. Testing Ultra X2 550W
  6. Testing Antec NeoHE 430W
  7. Testing Fortron Source FSP600-80GLC
  8. Testing Silverstone ST65ZF
  9. Charting voltage output results for all five load tests
  10. Side by side comparison charts of voltage output
  11. Conclusion

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