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Doc Overclock · 04-26-2006 · Category: Guides

Our System Parts

  • The Motherboard: EPoX 8NPA+ SLI Socket 754 AMD: Lowest Available Cost: $110.50
  • The CPU: AMD Socket 754 Sempron 3100+: Lowest Available Cost: $94.50
  • The Heatsink: Included In retail Package
  • The Audio: Onboard Realtek ALC655 5.1
  • The Hard Drive: Western Digital SATA150 80GB: Lowest Avalable Cost: $50.00
  • Memory: CORSAIR ValueSelect 1GB (2 x 512MB) Kit: Lowest Available Cost: $65.00
  • The VGA Cards: Dual EVGA 6600GT 128MB Lowest Available Cost: $80.00 Each (After Rebate)
  • The Optical: Asus DRW1608P2S 16X DVDRW +/-: Lowest Available Cost: 40.00
  • Power Supply: Thermaltake ATX 430W Power Supply: Lowest Available Cost: 40.00
  • Case: Codegen Briza-99-CA Mid-Tower ATX Case: Lowest Available Cost: 60.00

Total System Cost: $620.00

I choose most of the components for this system based on past experience for the main system parts and looks for the case, as actually any case will do so the price could potentially be cut down to probably under $600.00 if you scrounged around a bit looking for the deal. Remember this is an SLI gaming system that actually performs quite well and will suit a variety a users basics needs and still kick some butt as gaming machine. Other tasks like editing photographs, checking your email or other daily things run smoothly, and having a matching set of 2X512MB sticks of memory helps in this area.

Add a 19'' monitor for an additional $200.00 and some 5.1 speakers for another $100.00-150.00. You would then have an awesome multimedia system for yourself that is still in the sub $900.00 range, and it's an up to date SLI compatible system that can be upgraded at any time to any of the latest NVIDIA cards including the newly released 7900/7600 series. Plus you know its fun to build your own system; anyways that's the fun of the heart of the entire enthusiast's movement from where I sit. I built this one and it was a days worth of toying around with some cool stuff that can really be done by anyone who takes the time to learn and has an interest in computers. As you can see this is a fully loaded system including plenty of memory, a DVD burner and dual 6600GT cards in an SLI configuration


  1. Introduction
  2. Buying Your System Parts
  3. Our System Parts
  4. The EVGA 6600GT SLI Cards
  5. A $600.00SLI Gaming System
  6. Test Setup and Overclocking
  7. Performance
  8. Conclusion

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