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Buying Your System Parts

For me, the web (or Internet to some) has become the new world market place. I rarely go shopping outside the web for anything but food or drink. "Why waste time?" is my motto and with companies like , and, the deals are aplenty for PC parts. I used to find myself out and about every weekend trolling whatever computer show I could find in search of the so-called "deal". It usually turned out not to be a deal at all and in some cases, more hassle than it was ever worth. RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) was usually a joke played upon those who bought items from people who had stores far away from the show. Just to deal with the process, of an RMA indentured the user to a long drive at best and sometimes even taking a day off work. Ironically these same companies were out hocking their goods at other weekend shows and unavailable for the most part. The companies back in the those days seemed more interested in just making a quick buck and getting out of Dodge before all hell broke loose due to their all-around shabby way of doing business. "C'mon take the money and run" was their theme song.

In contrast, most companies today really try much harder to handle the entire customer/company relationship. I mean, if a company wants to keep a strong customer base and continual sales, it would be in its best interest to make buying experiences hassle-free so customers come back. RMA processes, even when by direct contact with the manufacturers, are usually taken care of in a decent amount of time as well. Personally, my time is sucked into the black void. You know, that four-letter-word they call "work". For me, going out to a store to look at the box and interface with Joe salesperson to get something I need is usually just not feasible unless I flake off something else that needs to be done on my PC by going there in the first place. The only help I need might be mental, maybe, but for my PC answers half these so called sales people don't know a bite from a byte and are more problem than solution.

The truth of the matter is that stores have to pay for that store front and all the lovely little shelves and add spaces, not to mention all the floating bodies so overhead is high; this reflects in the price tag in a big way, making prices bloat to cover expenses and still make profit. Some stores like Fry's Electronics turn my stomach, selling items that are RMA returns or defects and claiming they are NIB items. What a hoax against the unknowing and green buyers who get suckered in and then spend an hour in Randy's long and winding return line. This is not for me my stalwart chums, and not for you either as there are so many other avenues you can travel to buy quality items, and saving you serious money in the process.

So taking all that rhetoric in mind, I stick to the Internet to do my shopping, as that method for my lifestyle. offers the most ergonomic and cost efficient means of purchasing what I need, especially when it comes to PC parts. Like I stated in the beginning of this section, I use three sites in my search for parts and again, I use those sites to buy my parts. "Why these three?" you may ask, and my answer is this - years of experience dealing with them and their customer service when buying parts for our various projects I have had to do. I know there are other vendors and you may be able to beat this deal if you go on an insane in-search-of mission, but my results were obtained easily and the products readily shipped without any real effort. I intended this to be just a basic guide and roadmap for saving time, money and stress when buying parts in your quest for the home-built system, not to mention the fact that not many major chain stores even sell all the parts you need. Very, very few even sell motherboards at all. So, to me online shopping solves a lot of part availability issues, and the selection is greater in most cases as well.


  1. Introduction
  2. Buying Your System Parts
  3. Our System Parts
  4. The EVGA 6600GT SLI Cards
  5. A $600.00SLI Gaming System
  6. Test Setup and Overclocking
  7. Performance
  8. Conclusion

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