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Tulatin · 08-26-2005 · Category: Guides


To those of us who have been on the scene long enough, Overclocking is a way of life - can you really say you've lived until you've run the red line? It's in this spirit, this need for speed, the thirst for power that we set out on the first step of our little Overclocking adventure. We've decided to set a conservative and tentative goal of 4 GHz, which is at a simple 266*15, with an FSB of 1066MHz.

Goals and glory aside, I know there is a few of you out there who are asking why? To me, it's because I can, and that I absolutely love the fact that I can take a $200 processor and easily outperform something costing at least five times as much. Plus, it's also the thrill of the chase, hitting the barriers that would stop some dead in their tracks and pushing past them. In the end, it's more or less an adventure.


  1. Introduction
  2. The Hardware
  3. Overclocking
  4. Benchmarks
  5. Conclusion

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