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D'arcy Lemay · 02-21-2005 · Category: Guides

Burning the CD

Well, not so fast, if you already have a SP2 system up and running that you want to make a specific CD for. You can also save yourself some download time later on by adding in the "hotfixes" and other updates that MS has tossed in since SP2. If you are a real keener, this is what you do. Navigate over to Windows Update, and check out your installation history since you added in SP2. Then download all of the individual hotfixes to a folder within your system. From that you can integrate the files each separately by typing the name of the file followed by the /integrate:E:\WinXPCD or whatever the path is to your updated files.

Hotfix Extractions

Now Isobuster comes in, to get us that image file for making the new disc bootable. Running the program you can pick out the .img file from the right hand menu when the original disc is in your drive. Pull that over and place it somewhere you can find it later.


The last part of this whole operation is to burn it all to disc. I use Nero 6, but recent versions of Roxio EasyCD Creator will work too. Choose from the left menu that you want to make a bootable CD, and for the image file find the one you pulled earlier from the original. After that you have to enable the "expert options", and set there to be no emulation, as well as the number of loaded sectors to 4. Under the ISO tab set for ISO Level 2.

No Emulation

ISO Level 2

After that, burn away. It's all done, and you now have your bootable CD that after you install doesn't require a separate installation of Service Pack 2.


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