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If you answered yes to any questions in one or two of those areas above chances are good you can probably get away with just some parts upgrades. However, if you answered yes to questions in all three areas, chances are its going to be time for a new PC upgrade here in the near future anyways so replacement may be a better option here, especially if financially feasible to your current budget. Shop around online and in the stores before you buy as prices vary and you would be surprised at how much you can save with a little research. Give yourself a few different options in case something you want is not in stock or not readily available at the time you want to do it. Take your time, evaluate all your needs or wants and then make a move. To upgrade or replace has some grey area and you must decide what most fits your situation.

Either route you take becomes a financial balancing act, one that should be weighed with the total overall cost of either said project being taken into consideration, before finalizing any decision. Sometimes spending the few extra bucks to just start from scratch with a new system might be a good solution. If your system is so old that parts for it have now become obsolete, upgrading becomes a desolate wasteland of time and replacement is a necessary evil. Evaluate the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for each path and then choose the best solution for you. If the TCO falls somewhere within a $100.00 range between the costs of an upgrade versus replacement it is probably better just to go ahead and get a whole new system as that way you get new everything. Unless you have the cash to flash, usually every decision we makes takes money, and how we spend that money should be done in the smartest way. We all want the best of everything, but for most, money dictates our action parameters. Find what is best for you and then make a decision, these guidelines should help narrow down the process. Thanks for reading.

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  1. When is the right time?
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