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Doc Overclock · 12-01-2003 · Category: Guides


Dronez was released in 2001 by Zethas Games. While many game reviewers don't like the game itself, I do. I think it's a fun little game and we've used the benchmark since late 2001. Why is Dronez relevant today? It's not a very popular benchmark right now in videocard reviews. Therefore, it's unlikely to be overly optimized for from the video card manufacturers.

You can either use the retail version of Dronez or the Dronezmark demo to benchmark this game. Simply double-click DronezMarkSetup or insert the Dronez CD in the CD drive and install the game or demo. One thing to be careful when running the benchmark is that on a NVIDIA card Dronez will use specialized settings and effects that aren't available on ATI cards or other manufacturer's cards. The custom setting for ATI cards doesn't include register combiners or specular highlights. To compare apples to apples write down the settings used on ATI cards and set the NVIDIA cards to the same settings.

Running the benchmark is fairly simple once the video settings are set. Simply click Benchmark from the options list on the Dronez menu while in the benchmark. After the run is complete, a fps showing of minimum, average and maximum fps is displayed. Also displayed is the triangles/second that the video card posted.


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