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Hopefully we've given you an idea of the philosophy of how we do our benchmarking here on and why we use the benchmarks we use. I tried to be as thorough and simplistic as possible so that anyone who reads this can duplicate the tests on their own system. After all, checking benchmarks to see how an upgrade can benefit you is a good thing.

We will add benchmarks as needed. For example, once Half Life 2 is released we'll likely add it to our benchmark suite right away. As it's the most anticipated game of the year, it's important to be put into use as soon as a benchmark or demo with one is available. It's also likely that should Futuremark release another 3DMark, we'll use it as well.

Have any questions? Comments? Suggestions as to our next set of benchmarks? Let us know!

Doc out

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  1. Introduction
  2. Dronezmark
  3. SpecViewPerf 7.0
  4. Final Fantasy XI The benchmark
  5. Serious Sam: 1 & 2
  6. UT2003
  7. Quake3 Arena
  8. 3dmark 2001SE Build 330
  9. 3dmark 2003
  10. Gunmetal Benchmark 2
  11. Halo
  12. Aquamark 3
  13. Conclusion