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Doc Overclock · 12-01-2003 · Category: Guides

Gunmetal Benchmark 2

Mecha anime games and books like Robotech, The Space Battleship Yamato, BattleTech, MechWarrior and their various spinoffs have interested me since I was a wee lad. I remember watching every episode of Robotech from the first ones where they were testing the Valkyries to the Invid Invasion. Ah those were the days. Anyway, what does that have to do with the Gunmetal Benchmark?

Gunmetal is a game that was recently released to the PC. In it, you fly a F14 jet that transforms into a giant robot, much like the Valkyries of Robotech. The game uses mainly DirectX 8.1 pixel shaders, and DirectX 8.1 class graphics or its tests. The game manufacturer does use one vertex shader based on DirectX 9.0, and since I love the game and the genre, we decided to use the benchmark in our reviews.

Setting up Gunmetal is fairly easy and straightforward. Simply double click the gunmetalbenchmark exe and run the setup. At this point the game is installed. To run the benchmarks go to the Start menu, Program Files, Yeti Studios Gunmetal 2 Benchmark, GunMetal Benchmark 2. The loading screen will load a screen saying Benchmark 1 , Options and Benchmark 2. It's important to go into options first, before running the benchmark. In the options screen the default resolution is 1024x768 32 bit. Also of note is that Gunmetal will have options for 2x, 4x and 6x FSAA, with 2x AA being the default setting. Make sure that all the settings are the same for every video card, exit the options screen and run benchmark 1. At the conclusion of the benchmark, a fps screen will popup giving you minimum, maximum and average fps. The benchmark will also indicate whether it's a valid benchmark or was interrupted in the middle by the user.

A more comprehensive benchmark result can be viewed by simply going to the Gunmetal folder on the C: drive and clicking Benchmark 1 or Benchmark 2 depending on which benchmark you ran. It gives the CPU that you used the video card used and the settings. To run benchmark 2 simply follow the previous instructions for Benchmark 1 but use Benchmark 2 instead.


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