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Niso Levitas · 08-05-2002 · Category: Guides

How to Find and Connect Shared Folders and Printer

File or Folder Sharing

  1. For direct access click on Network Neighborhood.
  2. Click on Entire Network.

  3. Click on the Workgroup name.

  4. Click on the Computer name you like to connect.

  5. If you just want to see that folder temporarily. You may click on it. If you will use that share often right click on it and choose Map Network Drive.

  6. You will assign a drive name for that share now. If you want to see that share after you restart your computer, check "Reconnect at Logon" Box. Click OK.

  7. When you click on My computer, you can click on the assigned drive name and connect to that share anytime.

Search and Find

  1. If you want to look for a specific computer. Click on Find-Computer in Start Menu.

  2. Type the name of the computer you are looking for and click on Find now.

  3. When it found it, click on the computer name.

Configuring The Network Printer

  1. Find the computer which the printer you need to use is connected by above methods. Right click on the shared printer and choose install.

  2. Standard Printer installation will start.

  3. After installation you may see that among your installed printers.


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