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Niso Levitas · 08-05-2002 · Category: Guides

Basic Network Setup for Windows 98SE

*Before doing this, make sure that all hardware installed correctly. See Part 1 of this network guide for assistance. Prepare the Windows 98SE installation CD before starting. Don't go any further before meeting these requirements. For Windows 98SE you have to do this before preparing the internet connection for either Dial up or Cable.

For Windows 98SE network configuration is not as easy as Windows XP.

  1. On Start menu - click settings - control panel.
  2. Double click on Network.

  3. You have to see three essential things for networking other than Network adapter.
    1. Client for Microsoft Networks
    2. TCP/IP
    3. File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks
  4. You have to install all three of those. NetBEUI protocol is also make it easier to find other computers on network for Windows 98SE.
  5. To Install them click add. You will see four items.

  6. You will find Client for Microsoft Networks under Client - Microsoft, TCP-IP and NetBEUI under Protocols, and File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks under service. You have to add them one by one. After you see all of them in the box click OK. It will copy some files from your Windows 98SE installation CD. If it stops and asks to overwrite on newer versions, click no. After installing some files it will ask you to restart. Do so

  7. Open network properties by repeating step one and two. Click on Identification tab.

  8. Now you will define your computer's name and identification on the network. Smaller is better. I chose the name MBHW as in Motherboard Homeworld and its role as the tester. When you are searching for a computer to connect on the net, you may find it by name. So you have to give different names and descriptions for each computer. Write your group name. Let's say accounting, or human resources. We chose the default name as WORKGROUP. It is better to choose same workgroup name for small networks. Summary: Different computer names and descriptions and same workgroup name for each computer.
  9. Click on configuration tab and click on File and printer sharing button.

  10. Make sure that all options are checked. Click Ok and click OK to close Network properties. It will ask to restart. Do so.

  11. To Share your data , Right click on the folder you want to share and click on Sharing.

  12. Click on shared as and type a share name for that source. If you want to just make others to read the data, click Read-Only option. If it is OK for them to delete - change or move the files for that share, choose full option. If you want to customize access with password, choose Depends on Password. You may define your passwords for that share access on this window. If you want just to share it without any security, choose full and don't type any passwords.

  13. For printers you want to share on Start Menu click on Control Panel. Double click on Printers. Right click on the printer you want to share and click on sharing. Choose shared as and give a name. If you don't want to give printing access to everybody, you may type a password and click OK.
  14. Repeat this process for all computers on your network.


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