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Niso Levitas · 08-03-2002 · Category: Guides

Preparing Dial-up Connections for Windows XP

  1. Click on Control Panel from Start Menu
  2. Click on Network Connections
  3. Check that if there is a Local Area Connection icon. If there is no icon, it means that you couldn't install your network card correctly. If you see a red cross mark connection, either you couldn't connect the cable tight or there is a problem with the cable. If it is ok than click on Network Connection Wizard.
  4. Choose connect to internet and click next.

  5. On the second page you may choose either one of three options. I would do it manually. So I chose the second option.

  6. Enter the local connection phone number of your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and click next.

  7. Enter your username and password for that ISP. Confirm your password by typing again. If you are sharing this connection check first and second options. Third one is for security and it doesn't hurt to check it too. Click next.

  8. This page is info page and you may check the option to add an icon to your desktop. Click Finish.

  9. Now you may connect to internet by clicking shortcut and dial.


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