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Niso Levitas · 08-03-2002 · Category: Guides

Basic Network Setup for Windows XP

*Before doing this, make sure that all hardware installed correctly. See Part 1 of this network guide for assistance. If you will not use router solution, it means that you will share your internet connection of a PC. Make sure that PC is connected to Internet before Starting. If you haven't created a modem and/or Cable Internet connection on that PC yet, click here for preparing your Dial-Up connection or here for cable connection. Prepare an empty floppy diskette before starting. Don't go any further before meeting this requirements.

This procedure takes care of both internet sharing and network setup.

  1. First get comfortable in front of the PC which is connected to the internet. If you will use a router or you don't want to share your internet, you may choose any computer.>
  2. Click on Control Panel from Start Menu
  3. Click on Network Connections
  4. Check that if there is a Local Area Connection icon. If there is no icon , it means that you couldn't install your network card correctly. If you see a red cross mark connection, either you couldn't connect the cable tight or there is a problem with the cable. If it is ok than click on Network Connection Wizard
  5. A wizard will come up. Choose "setup a small or home office network" option.

  6. After clicking next you will see the info page which will connect you to Network Setup wizard. Click Finish

  7. The first page of the Network Setup wizard is just for information. Just click next.

  8. The Second page is an info and warning page. Click next.

  9. If you sat in front of the correct computer, as we stated in the step one choose the first option starting with "this computer connects directly to Internet". If this computer will use another computer's Internet connection, you are in front of the wrong PC. Cancel and go to step one. If you will use a router or combo solution (a.k.a. Residential Gateway), select second option. Click Next.

  10. Now you will choose your Internet Connection to share. If you will use Dial-Up connection, click on the connection you created before. If you will use a cable connection through the second ethernet card you installed, choose the second ethernet card you installed and connected to the Cable/DSL modem. If you haven't changed the cables, it has to be Local Area Connection. Click next.

  11. Now you will define your computer's name and role on the network. Smaller is better. I choose the name MBHW as in Motherboard Homeworld and its role as the tester. When you are searching for a computer to connect on the net, you may find it by name. And you will see "tester" as a description. Click next.

  12. This is for choosing your group. Let's say accounting, or human resources. We chose the default name. It is better to choose same name for small networks. Click next.

  13. This screen is just for information. Click next.

  14. The system will prepare a diskette to make it easy to install for other computers. If those computers have no Floppy drives you may use Windows XP CD. For diskette drive we chose first option. Click next.

  15. If diskette is not formatted or blank you can format it now. Otherwise click next.

  16. This page will just be for information. It will describe how to run the prepared diskette on other computers.

  17. Now you are ready to go. Last page is just to help on sharing the data you need. The links on this page will point you to the information that, how you can choose your files or folders to share among computers. You may choose who will reach your data, by password protecting. Click Finish.

  18. It is ready to share its internet connection and data now. If you didn't read how to share your data "how to" help files on previous step, it is not so hard. You may like to drag and drop the data files or folders in to the Shared Documents folder in My Computer or right click on the folder you need to share and click share and security option.

  19. Under sharing tab check "share this folder on network" option.

  20. To share a printer is similar. Right click on any printer you want to share and do the same thing.

  21. If Windows 98 or other computers will use this shared printer, you may install drivers in advance by clicking additional drivers and marking the drivers need to install

  22. Now you may go to other computers. Insert the diskette you prepared. Click on the drive in My Computer or use run from Start Menu. Double click on netsetup.exe.

  23. You will see the familiar info page. Click next.

  24. On this page you will choose the second option because either we prepared our first PC to share its internet connection or we will use a router.

  25. From this point on you will see the same pages as the first computer. Just give another names and descriptions to each computer but give the same workgroup name. After a couple of info and clicking on next, you will be ready. If you want to share your data or printers on those computers read step14.


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