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Niso Levitas · 08-01-2002 · Category: Guides

Preparing your Ethernet/Router Connection for Windows XP

Why pay for separate dialup internet access, and phone line fees. Or fight over who gets to use your single connection? Share your connection. There are two ways for broadband sharing. Click here to learn how to share your dial-up connection.

Method 1: Cheap, hard, and semi-stable Configuration (as low as additional $3)

You will need an additional ethernet card

Most of the time, it is wise to buy the service with broadband modem included. To share your broadband internet access you may add a second ethernet card to one of the PC's and use your operating systems Internet sharing option. But it is tricky.

Advantages: It is dirt cheap, as low as $3 more you can do it. You may even share a modem connection.

Disadvantages: The PC connected to the internet must be on all the times. When you install the "Internet Sharing" option of your Operating System, it consumes more PC resources. You may experience more often system hang-ups. Connection reliability is not as robust as a hardware connection. And installing second ethernet card to your PC may be tricky.

I will show how to do it but I would definitely choose Method 2. It will cost $40 more but, you can add new PC's anytime, and it will be worth the health of your nervous system. Method 2 is easier and more robust.

Method 2: BEST SOLUTION FOR MULTI PC- Moderate priced, easy, and stable (as low as additional $40)

Instead of this

buy this cheaper solution

** Important Note: You have to ask your Broadband Service Provider that if it is possible to share the connection by Router. Not many but some of the service providers does not support this, such as AOL Broadband Connection.

You will need:

  • 1 x Router or IP Sharer -
  • Or
  • (*) You can buy a cheap Combo Router 4 Port switch and it will take care of both Router and Hub/Switch in the "Two or more PC connection" option. If you buy this combo you don't have to buy the Hub/switch