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Niso Levitas · 08-01-2002 · Category: Guides

Basic Network Setup for Windows XP

Households with more than one PC and small businesses with 4-5 PCs and a limited budget can easily take advantage of the following benefits of a simple network.

  1. Share files.
  2. Share Printers
  3. Play networked games (Unreal Tournament, Quake Arena etc.)
  4. Share your Broadband internet connection

Can you do it yourself? The answer is yes and it is easier than you think. This step by step How to Guide is designed for very small offices or home networks. Read on to learn just how easy it is.

If you run into any difficulties or if you find any part of this guide is not clear please email Niso with your questions.


  1. Basic Network Setup for Windows XP
  2. How to Find and Connect Shared Folders and Printer
  3. Preparing Dial-up Connections for Windows XP
  4. Preparing your Ethernet/Router Connection for Windows XP