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Doc Overclock · 06-14-2002 · Category: Guides


Setting up the Gigabyte 81RXP

Before really anything else could happen we first had to prep the board in able use the water and/or Peltier cooling systems. Gaskets were used on both the front and backside of the motherboard in combination with Lubrex grease to create and environment that would be completely condensation free. Many people ask about the safety of using a liquid cooling setup like this and the answer is yes, if done properly there are virtually no risks as the liquid is completely contained within its own confines.

Setting up the MSI GF4 Ti4600

In addition to setting up the motherboard, the video card also had to be prepped before attaching the liquid and/or Peltier cooling unit. Like before we need to install a gasket on the top of the card around the GPU to protect the card and GPU from condensation created by the heat generated by the backside of the Peltier. These modifications were easily accomplished and do not require genius level thinking nor a great mechanical inclination to carry them out. We had to change the way we had the card modified twice due to the different methods used to cool down the GPU.

These are the first shots, taken when we were using only the liquid cooled system without the Peltier.

The second set of shots reflects the additional modification necessary to use both the Peltier and liquid cooled system used in unison.

The initial cooling results shown in the BIOS show the CPU running in a minus temperature environment. This was something pretty cool to be seen pardon the pun.


  1. Introduction
  2. Setup
  3. What is a Peltier Device?
  4. The Milestone Report
  5. Performance
  6. Conclusion